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A Box Of Frogs

A Box Of Frogs


fifteen sketches

(Live action, animation, cartoon, mixed media)

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You're home from work and have a short interlude before your night out.

No time for a full length film nor even your favourite 'soap'.

'Snatch TV' is what you need.

Brief entertainment to engage, provoke or amuse, set yourself up for the evening.

(There more where these came from.)



  1. PERFECT PLANNING (4 mins)

  2. You work hard and have it all, conscientious, you plan for the worst.

  3. A QUIET AFTERNOON (8 mins)

  4. Alone in the quiet forest, unexpected encounters await.

  5. HEAVENLY PROMISE (14 mins)

  6. Monologue: A man contemplates a proposal but is it worse than the last?

  7. TIM 'N' SHIR (90 seconds)

  8. New people enter our lives in a variety of ways, sometimes they stay.

  9. THE PAINTING (6 minutes)

  10. Musical Montage: a painting has a life of its own.

  11. THE WRITER (under 3 minutes)

  12. "Hall of Mirrors" Shir asks Tim what he's writing.

  13. THREE IN A LIFT (9 minutes)

  14. How big an adventure can you pack inside a small lift?

  15. CALL OUT CHARGES (3 mins)

  16. Wouldn't it be great if we could be rid of the dreaded Call Out Charge?

  17. A TRACK TO RUN ON (1 min)

  18. Music & Recurrent theme: "Running away" but from what?

  19. PRINCE CHAMPAGNE (12 mins)

  20. The law? What law? We're above all that nonsense.


  22. It's sexy to be a star, writer or director but what about the "Sharp End"?

  23. FOR THE SHOW TO GO ON (9 mins)

  24. Package the deal, round up the cash, there's no need to steal, we can all have a bash.

  25. SNUFF AND MOUTHWASH (3 mins)

  26. Farce: How truthful are those ads?

  27. THE MISTAKE (3 mins)

  28. To err is human, what about forgiveness and conscience?

  29. ASHITA KIKAI (24 - 34 mins)

  30. The wonders of modern technology, is this where it will end?


Raquel & Quentin Fisk

Lilly Underwood 17, Debbie 8, Fee 6, four bikers: Razorhead, Skullcrusher, Vampireater and Rottencorpse

Peter Dopter 39

Shirley & Tim, Father Daed

Casey Jones

Alastair Trevellian 29, Brandon Sawyer 42, Kazden Rowels 53, 'The Perfect Woman', Ksenia Sawyer 37, Veronique Pasquale, punk-Goths Scarab, Coughin & O’Bellisque.

Runner, bank manager and four sedan-chair carriers.

Prince Champagne, Princess Margherita, Royal Consort William & Cousin Tom, Squire Simon, Peter The Page, Georg ("gay-org"), Frau & Herr Bauermann and Children, Stan The Stablemaster, Sergeant Schott, Armed Guards, Guard Ruf & Guard Lof, Lord.

M. Le Jejune, Penelope Smythe 30ish, Zak, Dorlinda 38, Krishtoff Plonker.

Stew, Max, Al, Bo, Carl, Col, Lee, Dan, Eli, Jon & Neil.

Pamela, Helen the "Mona Lisa" scientist, Drones, Bots: Scanner-Bot, Security-Bot, Camera-Bot, AV-Bot, Video-Bot, Cleaner-Bot, Feth-Bot, Visitor-Bot, Wheely-Bot, Hoist-Bot, Emergency-Bot, Whizz-Bot, Prison-Bot, Steward-Bot, Pursuit-Bot, Probe-Bot, Gavin, Sylvia, Richard, Dorothy, Alan, Veronique, Finlay, Tracy & William.

There are over fifty sketches altogether, wherever possible, the same characters recur.



Snuff & Mouthwash



A Quiet Afternoon

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Grumpyman's Luck banner


A mainstream box-office family screenplay



Released from death row, an arrogant "Freedom Fighter" seeks power, however, his victims have not forgotten him and his sister's foresight triggers a remarkable chain of dramatic events. Contains Bambi moments, romance and colourful action.


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While on Death Row, Kilroy "Freedom Fighter" McDonald teaches himself advanced computer hacking. When his execution is announced, his father invokes powerful influences.

Not only is Kilroy's death penalty reversesd, he is given a full exoneration.

One of Kilroy's victims, Joe "Grumpyman" Driblock, is furious and dismayed.

Free at last, Kilroy sets about making himself "The Saviour Of The World" by first scrambling bank accounts world-wide and then (he plans) restoring everything back to normal.

Kilroy's sister, Gloria, took steps to thwart her brother's evil activities through her magician boyfriend, "Top Hat" who made her a magical gift.

The gift appears to have had no effect but when Kilroy is released, a remarkable sequence of events unfolds. The world is indeed plunged into chaos, economies are disrupted but the essential "undo" disc goes missing, given to a schoolboy, "Chocou", who finds himself pursued by Kilroy and his six loyal look-alike henchmen (and their two old Rileys).

Chocou ("Choc" for short) is no ordinary orphaned teenager, his foster parents are two nuns (for which he is teased) and his school, 'San Glorianne', is run by nuns and monks (some of whom can't quite keep apart).

The magic that works behind the scenes plunges Chocou and his friend Dellon into adventures that take them to the brink of death.

Chocou's classmates gave Joe the nickname, "Grumpyman" because he drives them in the vintage school bus yet seldom says a word to anyone.

Along the way, people we like are shot dead or killed in fights, in the end - tragedy or traditional happily ever after? To give away the ending is to spoil the story.

Chocou the "Reluctant Hero" achieves miracles and yet, was any of it really his doing?

Contains love lost and restored, a fair bit of romance, no swearing, nudity, sex, gore, torture, alcohol or cigarettes but a lot of conflict and visually striking scenes. Suitable for family viewing.





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(It is hard to write a synopsis which is without spoilers and yet at the same time gives a true and valid outline. The current revised version was inspired by a description written in such detail I was left with the feeling I no longer need to watch.)


Contact: enquiries@flickeringshadow.com     
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Bedford bus
    San Glorianne School bus   maybe
Riley getaway cars
Top Hat's Vintage car
Top-Hat's "Reward"    
Grumpyman's Meerschaum Pipe

Joe "Grumpyman"'s pipe

perrelet jump hour wristwatch
Joe's Perrelet watch

Morris 1928
San Glorianne's Morris

(images for reference only)

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"Grumpyman's Luck"   (Vision Board)

cinema exterior advertising Grumpyman's Luck

The Dominion Cinema, Morningside, Edinburgh   (web site)

Newbattle Terrace, one of Britain's few remaining independent family run cinemas.


SHOWBIZ is about the spectacular, the gain, the loss, the anticpation, high stakes, the impossible.

"Grumpyman's Luck" endeavours to take the viewer on a memorable journey where more than just the lead players matter.

Real life often ends as famously described by T. S. Eliott, 'Not with a bang but a wimper'.

On screen, the bigger the bang, the more bums on seats.

"Grumpyman's Luck" strives to reach into parts of the mind and imagination other tales fail to ignite.

How well it will succeed depends, ultimately, on those mysterious 'Winds of Heaven' that sometimes lift a simple script to unexpected heights.

We are blessed today with a cinematographic industry rich in skilled and experienced behind-the-scenes heroes and heroines who colour our screens with their magic.



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A Box Of Frogs

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Your Lines & Words

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